Monday, August 1, 2011

One more month.

Well, now it's a little less than a month. I can't believe I've gotten this far! I read through all my posts and laughed when I read, "I really want September to be here right now but I know when it does come, I'm going to want to go back to June." Because that is so true. I want to go back to June. I have so much to do in the next couple weeks, it's rather terrifying. But, I can't go back, so I will go forward.

Things are coming together slowly but surely. Thank you to all my friends and family that have helped me so far- with prayers, encouragement, and finances. I am almost half way there! It's scary to think that I need to raise that much in just a month but I'm praying and trusting in God that He will provide.

So here's to spending the next 28 days surrounded by friends and family!

I'm going to miss Holland and summer nights there. I love spending time with KK and her family, especially when there is pineapple involved. :) I feel like pineapple can be a symbol of summer. It's so fresh and bright. Love it. The map is in the General Store and is meant for people to document where they're from. I want to put a map in my house someday with push pins marking the places I have been. I can't wait to put one by Germany.

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  1. love that map idea too!
    germany and beyond, oh yeah. we're doing this, soon!