Saturday, July 7, 2012

Its been awhile.

I don't even really know what I've done these past months. A lot of seeing people, sharing stories, searching for jobs, etc. Things have changed. I've changed. I guess that was to be expected. In Germany, God blew my mind with truths from Him, strong friendships, and a community unlike any other. 

But I had to leave that. I had to leave the comfortableness of Germany and that community. And at that time, I had plans to go back. I was going to step into a life of missions. And then I got home.

I realized that that isn't where God wants me, at least for this time in my life. I really had no peace about going back and really felt like God wanted me here in Michigan. And I still do.

In these past two months God has blessed me with new friends and renewed friendships with old ones, community, and a little direction in my life. I'm a nanny for a beautiful family, saving for school in the winter, and getting to know God in new ways.

Home is good. God is better.