Sunday, June 26, 2011

Here's to Love.

Well my friends, this blog post is about a wedding, not about my travels. Despite that, please keep reading to hear about this fantastic love story.

Here's a back story of my beautiful friends:
Blake and I went to high school together, good ole' CCHS!, but didn't really connect until my sophomore year. He became my "father" when we went on a church mission trip together. Oh the memories from that trip. We kept in contact throughout the years but drifted apart a little when Blake went to Calvin. We talked more when I went to Calvin which was wonderful. I will never forget the time when Blake pretty much wrote my first philosophy paper for Corcoran's class. I mean, when he "helped" me write my paper! Oh, and the times at the Beltline Manor. Despite the HORRIBLE wallpaper and carpet, their house was a great place to spend time to hang out with Blake and the roommates. Blake will always mean so much to me- he's been such a great mentor, friend, and "dad" :)

And when I first found out Blake was dating Hana I immediately went to Facebook. Because, come on, I had to see this girl that got Blake's heart! I didn't get to meet her right away because he was in Hilton Head, but he eventually brought her to church so everyone could meet her. And I am so glad that he did. Hana and I have spent many days together since then. We like to refer to ourselves as Han(n)a(h) :) Some of my favorite nights this past year have been when Hana and I went to Logan's Sunday night for some late night dinner and girl time. After many long talks, a couple of wonderful sleepovers, and trips to her parent's house, I can happily say that Hana is one of my best friends.

So I was overjoyed when Blake asked for my help with his proposal! I was so excited to be a part of such a special moment for them. So after much planning (and sadly a scheduling problem with the ring), I was ready to capture this special moment for them. I told Hana that I had some family problems that I needed to talk to her about and asked if we could meet at the new biggby out by Grand Valley (knowing full well that it wasn't open yet!) and then suggested we move to Johnson park. On the way we talked about my "family problems" and when we drove up to the park she finally realized what was going on. The pictures tell the rest of the story:

They were both so happy that day, it was so great to see their smiles. The last picture is my favorite by far! AH, there's just nothing left to say, it was a wonderful day!

Over the next year Blake and Hana went through months of long distance relationships. Through the distance, they planned their wedding for June 24, 2011. With the help of family (Mainly Dana and Nene who did SUCH a great job with everything) and friends, the plans fell into place. Part of those plans were Engagement photos which I had the pleasure of taking! Here are a few of our favorites:

They have such a pure, beautiful love; I can’t help but smile remembering their wedding. It was such a beautiful day to spend with loved ones! I was able to spend time with Hana and her bridesmides before the wedding. We helped Hana get into her dress (after figuring out what was going wrong :) ) , took fun pictures, and got more and more excited as 5 o’clock rolled around. The pictures say it all:

I just love her dress!

It was such a fantastic night. I am so happy that Blake and Hana are finally married, they are perfect together. Right now, they're in the process of moving into their new home and I'm so excited for them but sad that they're not just a 10 minute drive away anymore :( Despite the distance, I know they will always be in my life. Here's to Blake and Hana:

You two mean so much to me. I am so thankful that I was able to help you throughout this whole wedding process. I am even more thankful to have you two in my life! I'm praying for you as you start your new life together. It's going to be beautiful, crazy, tough, scary, wonderful, and so completely worth it. I can't wait to come be your nanny someday :) Just make sure I'm home from Germany first! I love you two, always.

[This is also my "I'm going to miss..." post. Because come on, how could you not miss these two love bugs!]

Friday, June 17, 2011

New friends.

Hello blog world!

Not a lot has happened since my last post. My support is coming slowly but surely (thank you to those that have already helped! It means the world to me!). It seems I have been spending more money than saving but it's all stuff I need. Michigan will be well represented while I'm there because I got my Michigan awesome t shirt and sweatshirt in the mail! Talk about comfy living- they're great!

Some new relationships have been started which is so exciting. KC and I have now met 3 wonderful ladies that are also going to Herrnhut for the photography track. They are such a huge blessing to the both of us! Even though we're all around the U.S., we have been able to support and encourage each other. It's so nice having people that are going through the same crazy, scared, exciting time that I am going through as well. To KC, BM, and LQ: You are all so beautiful, wonderful, encouraging, loving and just plain extraordinary, I'm so thankful for each of you!

The days are going by fast and so slow at the same time. I really want September to be here right now but I know when it does come, I'm going to want to go back to June. This is going to be the biggest, craziest, most life changing thing I've ever done. And I am so blessed.

I am going to miss my friends. That's all.

And yes, I know this isn't a picture of my friends. There would be 500 photos on this post if I was going to put up pictures of my friends. There are just going to be too many I am going to miss. So all you get is a strawberry moon. Which is less great than my friends.