Friday, August 12, 2011

Let the goodbyes begin.

Goodbyes are hard and I had to start them today. Yes, I will have skype and email but nothing compares to hugs and hanging out in person. I know that I will have to say a lot more goodbyes in the coming days but I have to keep reminding myself that it's just 8 months, everything will be ok. The reunions are going to be great :)

I'm had a rough couple of weeks. The realization that I leave in 20 days is hitting me- hard. I've been discouraged and on the brink of tears so much. I have so much to pay for in the coming days it's hard to imagine everything coming together.

But then I realized today, that everything will be ok. Yes, I will freak out multiple times before I leave but it will be ok. I need to keep my head up and remember that this is all in God's hands. He will provide.

I am going to miss everything about Michigan. My friends, family, Calvin college, GRCC, Mars Hill, Russ', work, summer nights, winter, fall, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Chicago (kind of MI), everything.

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