Sunday, August 21, 2011

10 days of lasts.

Wow. 10 more days. I still can't believe that I'm actually going. Actually, I don't believe I'm going. I don't think that it will hit me until I am all packed up and standing in the airport. Or maybe not until I'm in Germany. Either way, I'm still going. Wow.

Today started "the lasts." There are going to be a lot of "lasts" that I do before leaving. Today was the last day I'll spend at my Opa and Oma's cottage with my family. We have been spending Sundays there together for years, it's going to be weird to have them all there without me. We always have such an amazing time, whether we're swimming, eating, or relaxing in the sun. My whole family and I were there today to celebrate Mr. Cater's 4th birthday. I cannot believe that he has blessed my life and so many others with his presence for 4 years. It seems like just yesterday he was a wittle baby sleeping in my arms. Now, he just runs and runs and runs until his mom calls him in. I am going to miss him and my other cousins too.

This week also marks my last days of work. Ahhhh so crazy! I am going to miss my co workers so much. They all bless me in so many ways; they are such an encouragement and important part of my life. I love them, they are the best.

And the goodbyes. I'm trying to coordinate as many goodbyes as I can but it's going to be tough. I just have to remember that I will be home. And I do have skype.

Most of my plans are falling together, I just have a few loose ends to tie up. And then packing. That is going to be a struggle but I am a GREAT packer. Just ask KK. I packed her life for Peru and she is doing great :) And I have my mom. Who is a great packer too!

I'm still in need of finances but I'm not trying to stress about it. Thank you so much to all of those that have helped me so far. Your prayers and support means the world. If you feel led to support me financially there is a paypal donate button on the side of my blog or you can email me if you have any questions about other ways to donate: hannahjo4@gmail.

That is also the email I will be using primarily while in Germany. Email, facebook, twitter, and skype are going to be great tools to help me stay connected!

Alright, I'm done, thanks for reading :)

I'm going to miss my cousins and their kids. They are all such an important part of my life, I can't imagine spending 7 months without them. But I know it will be ok. They are so supportive of everything I do and that means a lot to me. KN and SA are my second moms and two of my best friends. Over the years we have gotten closer and I am so thankful for the two of them in my life. I love spending time with them and their kids, it's always an adventure!
Now onto the kids. Their laughs and giggles warm my heart, along with their hugs. They are going to grow up so much in 7 months and that scares me. I'm scared they are going to forget about me. But I know I'm just being silly and they'll always remember me (I won't let them forget me!) Skype is going to be a lifesaver in that area :)

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