Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why do I want to do YWAM?

A friend asked me this last night and I had to think about it. Why do I want to do YWAM? I said because I'm sick of school but there's so much more. So, JM- here's my real answer:

I want to do YWAM because there is so much more to this world than school. Yes, school is great and needed for a great job and I love it, but there's so much more. I want to make an impact on this world, I want to change someone's life. Through YWAM I will learn so much about my life and helping others. God has so much planned for each of us, I am going to discover my purpose for this world.

I also want to do YWAM because I know that I am going to learn so much more about God. Every Sunday I am continually captivated by Jesus' life and His message for us. There is SO much in the Bible, I want to discover all that is has to say. I know that these 7 months will change my life forever. I'm ready.

I am going to miss my BFF, LM. You are amazing. I am so so so so glad we met in OT freshmen year! I know we say this to each other all the time but it's true! I don't know where I would be without you in my life. You are so funny, caring, loving, silly, gross (sometimes ; ) ), and such a beautiful person and friend. I am going to miss our Grandma nights, silly shenanigans, and long talks. Thank goodness we still have our skype dates to look forward. I hope that you don't forget about me and still send me post cards (I loveeee them!), I'll send you some too. Because that's what friends do! I love you laurabell.

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