Monday, May 16, 2011

Clean room and scrapbooks.

Today, I spent the day (well, the length of 3 movies: The Blindside, Milk, and Tangled) cleaning my room, closet and all. During that time, I found random Christmas and Birthday cards, notes, and pictures from my friends and family. And then I got thinking; I have an empty scrapbook, why don't I fill it up and bring it to Germany?

So that's what I did (after I finished cleaning my room of course!). The first couple pages are pictures of my family, most of them of Marijke and I since it seems like she's the only one who takes pictures with me, and an article of my Gammy that was in the Advance. The next 10 million pages are filled with my friends. Some are really old pictures of LVW and RVD and I when we made cookies and many prom pictures with various friends. The next pages are filled with pictures of my cousins' kids. They are the joys that fill my life. CJ, AJ, RD, and JE are my best friends, they will always make me laugh. :)

Then, I decided to have some pages for notes that I have gotten over the years. A graduation card for AP and LP, a birthday card from MS, and of course my two trinity letters from LM :) I think this is the perfect way to remember my family and friends at home (even though I would NEVER forget them) and all the great times that I've had.

I am so excited for September to come, I will then be looking at my scrapbook from my home in Germany :) Only 107 days, no big deal!

-Remember when we look 500 pictures with my new camera? (6 of which are hanging in my room! PS. Your hand looks like a spider! haha)

I am going to miss my BFFWHP. Oh, where do I start?! I'm really glad we coordinated our times away at the same time so one of us isn't sitting at home without the other! Remember our walks to school? And our gum tree? I won't ever forget that. Or the time we went to the beach when it was 2.2 degrees? There are so many memories that we have together, I can't even begin to list them all. I am so thankful for you and your encouragement and prayers. I am so blessed to have a friend like you who I can talk to about God, my struggles and triumphs, and a friend I can laugh and be silly with. You are amazing, I want your address so I can write letters to you! I love you, KK!
My beautiful best friend at Homecoming.
Oh the wonderful, freezing beach!Red cheeks and smiles.I frequently give her this look.

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