Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shots shots shots shots.

No, no the drinking kind, but the kind with needles on the end.

My arms are currently pulsing with pain after getting Hep A and Tetanus (not really, but I have to exaggerate).

I am so excited to have this portion of my plans done! I'm all set as shots in the US go but I have some more to look forward to in Germany :( Oh well, you have to do it.

KC and I are starting to plan our plane tickets and this makes me so excited and nervous. This is a huge step in our planning and I can't believe we're doing it! I'm so amazed at how everything is just falling into place. God is so good.

I decided that with every blog post I'm going to upload a picture of something I'm going to miss (And a reminder of what a beautiful life I have at home while I'm in Germany)

I am going to miss my Uncle's green house. I'm going to miss driving the golf carts around with CJ and RD and hearing my Opa describe all the different plants they have. They are so happy when they are showing us around. I'm going to miss that.

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  1. KC, that's me! ; )
    i'm so excited for the ticket purchasing, this is a big step! woo!