Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another iPod

Here starts week 10- I only have 3 weeks until I leave for outreach. That just blows my mind. Time has flown by lately!

In my last blog post I talked about our generosity day. Another gift God blessed me with was a trip to Prague, Czech Republic. CS told me that she felt like God was telling her to bless me with a trip somewhere that weekend and said they had an extra seat if I wanted to go to Prague with them. And of course, I said yes (who wouldn’t?!). It was an amazing day- a very long, but extraordinary day. Everyone should go Google pictures of Prague right now to see how beautiful it is. I was blessed so much that weekend- not only with the trip itself but with a French press (I have been wanting one for ages!) which is AWESOME. Ahhh, such a wonderful day!

The last three weeks we have had speakers on worldview, minding the gap, and principles of outreach. Tim spoke on minding the gap. All around us there are gaps- gaps between cultures, people groups, and communities. It’s our job as Christians to mind those gaps. It was amazing to hear that put in a different perspective. Sean spoke on the principles of outreach which was really informative and practical- it all comes back to abiding in Christ. If you abide in Christ, everything else will come together.

I guess I should update everyone on photography- that is a huge part of my time here. First off- I’m sorry that I haven’t uploaded many pictures- we do not have a good internet connection here and I have limited internet time. I am taking pictures- I promise. We have assignments every two weeks and they remind me SO much of what I had to do in Photography 101. That has been a struggle. I haven’t been very inspired by those assignments. But, I have been very proud of my pictures. And I will post them soon!

I have been missing home a lot lately; mostly my family. I talk about my cousin’s kids a lot and not being with them is one of the hardest things about this trip. KN posted pictures of them on Halloween and I wanted to cry! They are precious and they look SO much older. It’s hard being so far away when they are growing up so fast! I know that I’m supposed to be here, but it doesn’t make being away any easier. KN and SA- make sure they don’t forget me! And my parents; oh man, I have been missing them a lot too. I got closer to my mom this summer and it was really hard to leave her. And then I hear about all the fun things she’s doing with my sister and that makes me even more sad. BUT, I know that it will be ok; I’m planning fun things for when I come home :)

I gave away another iPod. I have come to the conclusion that I probably won’t own an iPod for more than a month. So, God had been telling me for a couple weeks to give my iPod to a fellow student. And I told Him no, that I didn’t want to give it away. Over those couple of weeks He kept bringing it up and I kept saying no. Well, on Tuesday, NS came over and said that God had been telling her for a couple weeks to give me her iPod. And then God said, “Give your iPod to ZI.” And I thought, “hm, this iPod I’ve just been given is technically MY iPod.” So I gave that one to ZI, thinking I’d outsmarted God. Ha, outsmart God, yeah right. The speaker that day talked about the Holy Spirit and how if you’re not hearing Him it’s because you probably haven’t done what He previously told you to do. I think God was laughing at this point because He knew that I hadn’t outsmarted Him. After lecture I went back up to ZI and said that she could have my iPod touch if she wanted. Her face immediately light up. She told me that she had been dreaming about an iPod touch. Her smile was all I needed to know that I did the right thing. God is a funny guy sometimes.

Our last two lecture weeks in Herrnhut are being spent with David Gava. Leading up to these weeks everyone was telling me- just wait, wait until you have David, he’s going to blow your mind. And yes, they were right. This week we have talked about The Holy Spirit and Spiritual warfare. I haven’t had a lot of teaching on these two things so I was excited to hear more about them. The Holy Spirit… it’s so hard to put description to Him. If you read the above paragraph you know that he MIGHT tell you to give away iPods. And He’ll keep telling you to give away iPods if you don’t listen to Him. The Holy Spirit moves in amazing ways! And spiritual warfare! There are SO many way the enemy can get into your life. And this breaks my heart (I’m sorry LVW!!!) but I don’t know how many scary movies I’ll be watching when I get home. I didn’t realize the hold that they had on my life. I think they ok to a certain extent. But they cross that line when you can’t get the image of a demon out of your head. That’s not good stuff. You really have to be aware of what you’re watching and reading because it will attach to your spirit. Ah, such a good week.

These last two weeks will be filled with preparation for outreach. My team and I are leaving probably the 5th or 6th of December. I will let everyone know the specific date. Prayers would be appreciated as we still need money and as we finalize our plans. Cool, thanks :)

Missing and loving you all.

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