Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I think I'm crazy.

Another blog to manage...oh well, I guess I have to start somewhere!

Today I got accepted to study in Herrnhut, Germany for 7 months! I am so beyond excited and nervous and anxious and happy and blessed! I applied a couple of weeks ago and was anxious to hear back from YWAM and today that email came. It couldn't have been at a better time. I am done with school (A in Biology, A in Political Science, and who knows what in Photography), it's summer, and I'm finally ready to do something with my life.

I want to live for God, all for Him.

I am so excited!

P.S. This blog will be updated with my plans concerning YWAM and during my time there and wherever else God leads me! Thanks for reading :)
(I just had to add some more red to this blog)


  1. how exciting hannah! :) I'll be following this and looking for your amazing pictures :)

  2. Thanks Becca :)
    We should get together sometime this summer, I miss you!